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Diana, Owner of GET SPARK'D

My experience with Dre was amazing ! 

I’m so glad I came across his work.  How creative  & clean his work looks caught my attention. 


He is super detailed and professional. He Made my vision come to life and BETTER. 


The best part of all I felt super comfortable during my shoot which made the process easier and enjoyable for me. 


I am definitely working with him again on my next project.


8nfinit Music

Had the pleasure to work with DreSay Productions multiple times for my brand. I 100% recommend his services to anyone looking to pursue their vision with visuals as well as grow their brand image and growth. 


Not only was he profesional and reliant with his work, but he offered a creative vision to expand my ideas. This is something crucial for us creators and entrepreneurs! 


Dre, thank you so much for all the great visuals we’ve worked on. I can’t wait for our next project.


Nate, Owner of Live to Inspire

I have been using Dresay Productions for the past six years and each experience has been beyond my expectations. I work specifically with Andres and he is not only very professional, but strives to build a relationship with his clients. Each experience has built off the previous. There is never a lapse in shooting, all scheduled shoots are done within the allotted time, as well as fast communication. 

I enjoy the many ideas that are brought to the projects I hire for. Whether shooting video, creating a modeling portfolio, or capturing intimate moments with a significant other, Dresay Productions always adds something to the work that stands out. I also enjoy the initial calls where we go over and discuss project ideas and how the company will bring them to life. 

The customer service and the speedy delivery of the work after the projects have been created. I never worry about a missed deadline with Dresay Productions. if anything, my media comes in before I am expecting it. I also appreciate the attention to detail when it comes to all projects and the open availability to shoot whenever is most convenient for me. 

I would highly recommend Dresay Productions for marketing, modeling portfolio work, as well as partner/relationship shoots. he has a keen eye for capturing emotion, but also making you as the individual shine. 

Screen Shot 2020-11-14 at 8.57.39 AM.png

Elle, Founder of The Rose Maven

We hired DreSay Productions to film our first ever brand video. Their service is very professional, timely and flexible. We were beyond pleased with the results of the media and happily recommend to everyone. Andres is a talented artist that brings your visions and ideas to life.


Ak, Owner of Don Talk Podcast

You brought my vision to life. I’m not the best at explaining what I want, but just the little background I gave you on the podcast allowed you to do what I was looking for

I enjoyed the fact that knowing what I had planned for my podcast was coming to life through working with you

I haven’t worked with anyone else before, but I appreciate you reaching out to tell me about your services and then working with me to get the right promo video

I’d recommend the entire service, whether it’s video or just pictures. You help people bring ideas to life and that’s something every creative should get a chance to experience


Jimo, Entrepreneur/Boxer

The service was incredible! Dre does more than an awesome job to offer the POV or perspective you ask for when doing a shoot. 

One thing of many that I enjoyed when working with Dresay Productions is, his flexibility on scheduling.

Your service stood out due to the fact that although you shot my video in a new environment From what you are use too. You were willing to bounce ideas off of each other to create an outcome I was satisfied with. 

I would / do recommend the whole experience to my friends who are looking to get any shoots/videos done for their personal work.

Screen Shot 2020-11-14 at 6.33.17 PM.png

Biajavier Music

My experience working with DreSay productions was great. Always able to bring my visions to life and exceeds the expectations that I have. 

What I enjoy is the level of comfort that there is on set. You listen well to what your clients are asking and give a lot of great insight and direction. You never make things difficult and always provide solutions. An innovator 100%

As I mentioned before, your attention to detail really stands out and it is what separates DreSay productions from others as well as punctuality which is HUGE!

Book DreSay productions for everything! Both Videography and photography, you won’t be disappointed and will have quality work.

Screen Shot 2020-11-14 at 6.35.19 PM.png

StashTheWave, Producer

The service was great, professional and prompt. Every shot felt very natural and nothing forced. The quick turnaround and the fact that it’s family made it an easy standout. If you need professional quality service with someone who’s just as professional as their work, I’d recommend DreSayProductions to anyone looking for that.

Unfiltered Fitness-179.jpg

Genevieve, Owner of Unfiltered Fitness

Working with Dresay Productions was an overall great experience. Dre is a very skilled photographer/videographer and has worked with lots of big names in the industry. Once I saw what he had to offer, I instantly knew it would be a great fit and he could help create awesome content to help grow my business.  I was very nervous for my first video/photo shoot but Dre’s down to earth and laid back personality made me feel comfortable. We shared awesome conversation and laughed a lot during the shoot which made the experience more personable and fun. One thing I enjoyed the most about working with Dre was how organized he was. If I had any questions or needed edits, Dre got back to me within the day. If you are looking to market your business in a creative way I would recommend Dresay Productions! I look forward to working with this company again. 


Lesa, Owner of Sagelicreations

My experience was using your service was straightforward and feasible.

I enjoyed the planning process. At first , I didn't know exactly what I wanted. But you were able to ask me the right questions to help us with the process. I had a vision and you were able to execute that vision to life.

You provided a business starter package which definitely made you stand out to me. I had no prior experience working with a photographer for my business so the package gave me a clear idea of what I could expect.

I Definitely would recommend your videography services. Your work and video shots is phenomenal. You were very easy to work with. You were generous, attentive to detail, and open minded to changes! I would recommend 100%

Screen Shot 2020-11-16 at 9.06.33 PM.png

Jehovanie, Owner of Naturally Polished Nails

My experience has been great with Dre. He brings good energy and excitement to the process. 

One things I enjoyed the most was that even though Dre may not understand your goal/vision immediately, he is invested in working out the details with you.

The quality of the pictures stands out from other competitors. Also, sometimes when people are good at what they do they can make you feel small if you don’t understand certain parts of the process. I was not treated that way with Dresay Productions.

I would recommend all parts of Dresay Productions to anyone.


Dots, Working Professional

Im not only impressed by your photography skill but your passion and genuine interest. You made me feel
So comfortable and confident. You made me enjoy the process, you made me feel confident. You made it fun!!!!!
You as a person give me vibes that the average person couldnt.


DeeDee Music

I had a great experience shooting my music video with DreSayProductions, I was satisfied. We collaborated on the finished piece efficiently and it came out great. I would definitely choose to work with him again in the future. I was really impressed by the work that was put in behind the scenes to make my vision happen. Dre has flexibility, quality, and punctuality which was important for my project. Thanks to him and his helpful suggestions I didn’t have to stress out that much when I got a little overwhelmed. I would definitely recommend shooting a video with Dre, and if you need other services he will reach out to others. You tell him what you want and how you want it, and he takes care of the rest! Easy process!


Stephanie, Creative Director

Dresayproductions is an incredible photography company and all around professionals! We have worked together on a few projects in which they have been able to capture and bring my vision to life! Dresayproductions has always been incredibly enthusiastic and passionate about every project they have been apart of small or big! I have throughly enjoyed working with dresayproduction and would entrust all future projects with them!


Andy, Owner of Grab2Go

Working with DreSay Productions was a fun experience we enjoyed every second of it. One thing we enjoyed the most when working with DreSay Productions is the creativity and the confidence you instill with. Your service stands out from other competitors because of the communication and effort put into editing the video. We definitely recommend the video package.


Trektunes Music

My experience working with DreSay Productions was professional the entire time. The 1 thing I most enjoyed was the work ethic and making sure the customer is satisfied.What stood out for me was the video and photo quality I saw on the website. I recommend both videography and photography to start off with. Prices vary but are fair and worth it in the end.

Screen Shot 2020-11-27 at 9.26.51 AM.png

Kenny, Owner of Unrivaled Performance

Having experience with Dre, I constantly rave about his videography and photography skillset. I recommend both services any opportunity I get! He’s raised the bar in regards to how I think of branding my company, and I think of him as a true visionary! He stood out from the rest of the photographers I’ve worked with due to his vision for branding. His attention to detail, and ability to elevate a brand’s image is unbelievable. His photography has reshaped the way I market my brand, giving it a sleek, minimalistic, urban, athletic aesthetic. Instead of creating content that he resonates with, he created content that was creatively right for my brand. The experience that I have had working with Dre is always unforgettable and I recommend EVERYONE to work with him.

Screen Shot 2020-12-12 at 12.33.11

Brendan, Owner of PRST

My experience using DreSay Productions, has always been great. The quality of work and details taken in working with to create concepts and ideas from scratch were always welcome and done in a collaborative effort. One of the things that i enjoyed the most was creating, working alongside Dre to craft my content ideas and always having the end results surpass my expectations. What the made the service stand out from the rest was always the ease of working together. I would recommend anyone to DreSay Productions. Dre and the team are highly capable, very creative, willing to raise the bar and push past boundaries to not only improve, but deliver the past possible service & product that they can.

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