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Behind The Scences/List of Our Equipment

We ONLY use top of the line equipment

RED Komodo 6K Cinema Camera: Captures stunning 6K footage with RED's renewed image quality. If you're looking for images like the movies, this is the camera you use! Additionally, the global shutter ensures precise motion capture, while its dual native ISO provides exceptional low-light performance.

Nikon & Sony Full-Frame Cameras: With the full size sensor it allows capturing photos in higher detail. This leads to superior image quality and greater dynamic range.

RØDE and DJI Microphones: Capture sound with equipment used by the biggest productions in the world. These microphones are designed to deliver exceptional sound quality while having high sensitivity and low-noise levels. 

DJI Drone: Provide a unique perspective from the sky! The maneuverability of the drone enables us to capture stunning aerial shots and dynamic footage.

Production Lighting Equipment: Our tools provide precise control over any lighting condition.

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